Riva Chase HOA


Here is contact information for your HOA Board members, the Architectural Control Committee (ACC), the Forest Hills Metropolitan District (FHMD), and important local services.

HOA Board

For general community information, questions about our Covenants and HOA Bylaws, requests for Board agenda items, or to report activities or situations that seem unusual, contact the Board via email rivahoaboard1@gmail.com

President: Joe Maslowski
Vice President: Danny Lavergne
Vice President: Beth Jarabek
Treasurer: Karen Carson – rivahoatreasurer@gmail.com
Secretary: Jessica Black
Architectural Control Committee:  RivaChase.ACC@gmail.com
Welcome Committee: Missy Hillyard, Joe Maslowski
Website/Directory administrator: rcwebgeek@gmail.com

Mailing address: 

P.O. Box 17321 Golden, CO 80402


For all realtor and HOA dues information, please contact the Riva Chase Board Treasurer directly at RivaHOATreasurer@gmail.com.

Please remember that your HOA Board members are your neighbors and Riva Chase residents, who serve on a purely volunteer basis.

Architectural Control Committee (ACC)

To discuss and/or obtain approval for ANY manner of EXTERIOR WORK to be done on your home or yard, or to ask questions or express concerns, regarding our Residential Standards for architectural and construction issues, contact the ACC via email at RivaChase.ACC@gmail.com.

Forest Hills Metropolitan District (FHMD)

Contact the FHMD via email at admin@FHMD.net for information on:  The water treatment and distribution network; the wastewater (sanitation, storm sewer) collection and treatment system; streets; common areas, such as the gate house, ponds and playground; snowplowing; and operation of the Forest Hills or Eastwood gates.

The FHMD is a special district, a quasi-governmental agency, created under Colorado statutes and funded by our tax dollars.  For more information, please look at the District’s website at www.FHMD.net.  Its Board positions are also filled by your neighbors and fellow Riva Chase residents, who all serve on a completely volunteer basis.  The District Manager and Administrator are contracted on a part-time basis, but generally respond to our questions very rapidly.

FHMD Board of Directors

Gary Carson                720-315-8571             director1@fhmd.net
Michael Oakley          714-732-7172              director2@fhmd.net
Yvett Green                 720-275-7576             director3@fhmd.net
Craig Weinberg          303-594-3757             director4@fhmd.net
Mike Swartzlander    303-870-3182            director5@fhmd.net

District Office         303-495-2330

Will Raatz, District Manager                          management@fhmd.net
Ronda Zivalich, Administrative Assistant   admin@fhmd.net


Mailing address: 

P.O. Box 17321

Golden, CO 80402

Local Services


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ACC Reports

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