Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the HOA the only residential board in Riva Chase?

No, there are 2 boards – one is the Homeowners Association which oversees the covenants, rules, regulations, and architectural changes to the homes and personal areas. The Homeowners Association also organizes community events. The separate Foothills Metropolitan Board (FHMD) is made up of residents to oversee issues that may affect its property, infrastructure, or service levels. Items covered by the FHMD specifically include road repair, water and sewer infrastructure, and improvements to other common areas. Contact the FHMD through their webpage located at https://www.fhmd.net/

The FHMD has its own FAQ, and it can be found at https://www.fhmd.net/page/21467~335827/frequently-asked-questions


2. How do I get devices “clickers” for the front gate?

Contact the FHMD directly to exchange or request new gate openers.  There is a charge for devices and they are available through the FHMD. Call (303) 495-2330.  Or you can email them at management@fhmd.net


3. Will the gate “clicker” work on all entry points? And how many entry points are there?

Yes. The device works on both the Forest Hills and Eastwood entrances.  There are only 2 entrances and exits in the residential neighborhood that are operational.  There is a western padlocked gate which is only opened during road work or other work that requires shutting down access roads on forest hills by the FHMD board.


4. Does the gate stay open during any regular hours?

Yes, the forest hills gate is routinely locked open during school closing hours to allow school transportation vehicle access.


5. Are contractors allowed a device to gain entrance into the neighborhood?

No, contractors should be given a temporary code for access and not your personal code. Contact FHMD management at (303) 495-2330 or management@fhmd.net


6. Is the Gazebo open for public use and does it require a reservation?

The Gazebo is reserved for residents and their functions only.  At this time, there is no reservation system but the HOA is considering one as use escalates.  Be friendly and share the facilities.


7. Are the bathrooms at the park available for use?

Yes, they are reserved for the residents. Contact the FHMD at (303) 495-2330. It is strongly encouraged the bathroom code is not given out freely in order to avoid use by those outside of the neighborhood and potential vandalism. Although it is rare in our neighborhood to incur vandalism, we have had minor incidents over the years and the upkeep of the Riva Chase properties is paramount to a pleasant experience.


8. Is solicitation allowed in Riva Chase?

Solicitation is strictly forbidden in Riva Chase, but it happens. If anyone knocks on your door to solicit business, please politely inform them of the no-solicitation policy. You can also call one of the directors of the HOA board or the FHMD and most likely one can assist you with informing solicitors of this policy.


9. What are the most common infractions in Riva Chase?

Leaving trash bins out early is the most frequent violation and is easily corrected

  • The HOA rules and regulations require trash only to be put to the curb on the morning of your trash pickup.  We live in an environment surrounded by wildlife including elk, deer, bears, mountain lions, raccoons, cougars, coyotes, foxes, and various other wild critters.  It is for our safety and the animal’s safety to do our best to avoid contact with wild animals and keep Riva Chase as clean as possible.  Violations can result in a correction letter to the resident, but we like that residents politely remind their neighbors about the rules.  If necessary, for repeat offenders, the HOA shall issue letters and potential fines which will accumulate into a property lien.  We prefer to not get to that stage, so please do your best to refrain from putting out your trash early.

Parking in the streets is another common infraction.

  • We understand there is limited parking for guests, but we also understand the roads always need to be clear for emergency vehicles such as police, ambulance, and fire trucks. Please be courteous and use your driveway for guests and absolutely no parking overnight on the street. We also ask residents to refrain from parking on any grassy areas, whether it be your property or community property. The grass tends to get very dry and the heat from the undercarriage of a car can easily cause a damaging fire which puts the neighborhood in jeopardy.


  • Although RIVA CHASE has a healthy set of covenants, rules, regulations, and a fine schedule, the HOA does not actively “patrol” the neighborhood for violations. Most of our notices come directly from residents. We ask that residents do not infringe on other neighbors’ properties in order to document any purported violations. We also ask that if you see an obvious violation with your neighbors, please attempt to discuss with them politely prior to notifying the HOA Board. If you are uncomfortable with speaking with your neighbor, please do feel free to contact the ACC at RivaChaseACC@gmail.com


10. How do we handle speeders in the neighborhood?

Excess speeding in our neighborhood occasionally arises and we constantly recommend the community to watch their speed.  If you feel someone is continuously speeding, please take appropriate action to document their license plate and contact the Jeffco sheriff and the HOA board.  The HOA cannot issue fines for speeding but will look at options to tamp down the speeding where it is happening.  Authority is a gray area in the neighborhood, but they can assist in contacting the speeders at times.


11. Improvements to your property

Please contact the ACC concerning painting your house, outside additions, or new large-scale landscaping to ensure you are compliant with the covenants and rules and regulations before you spend substantial time and money on a project only to be told it is not acceptable. RivaChaseACC@gmail.com

News & Updates

HOA Board Meeting (03/10/2022)

Dear Riva Chasers, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the annual meeting of the Board of Directors of the Riva Chase Homeowners’ Association, Inc. has been scheduled for 5:00 PM Thursday, March 10, 2022, via conference call to address the matters set forth in the agenda below. We eagerly anticipate your attendance. Riva Chase HOA Agenda_10MAR2022

Riva Chase HOA Neighborhood Yard Sale

Hello Neighbors, The Riva Chase HOA Neighborhood Yard Sale will take place on April 9th from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. If you are interested in participating, please email Danny Lavergne at XAFLLC@gmail.com with your name, address, and a short summary of the items you plan to offer. FHMD will allow the gates to remain […]

HOA Board Meeting (12/09/2021)

Dear Riva Chasers, The HOA Board will be holding a meeting over the phone this Thursday at 5pm. Agenda attached below.  Feel free to dial-in using the following information: 425 436-6305 PIN  488010 Also, any residents over the age of 4 interested in participating in the judging of the best Christmas decorations in the neighborhood, […]

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